Going ‘exclusive’

It’s been a long time coming and I’ve been fighting with the decision for a while now. But this is where my heart is and I am a strong follower of my heart. From now on Tipanga Photography will no longer have a ‘studio’. I HATE studio shoots. I’ve never enjoyed them and they are killing my creativity. So from now on I will be focusing on more styles / lifestyle shoots. These shoots will be at locations throughout Port Elizabeth and be very specific to every shoot.

I have corporate clients and they do keep me busy so when I do the family / model shoots I am giving myself the freedom to do it the way I want to. I will still be doing budget photography in parks / beach etc. But the lifestyle photography will be much more exclusive and tailored. These shoots will cost more as they will be styled to every customer’s individual needs and props will be used specially for that specific customer. My focus will be more on boudoir photography as well as I feel that boudoir photography is such a special gift. There is nothing more satisfying that to show a woman how beautiful she really is – no matter what age / size she is. A lot of women has said to me that it was better than any therapy.


I am excited about this new phase and I trust that my clients have also grown with me and that these new options will be exciting for them as well. Welcome to the new adventure on our journey together.


To celebrate the start of this new phase you can win a styled lifestyle shoot. Simply email a photo of yourself to tipangastyle@gmail.com A winner will be drawn at the end of the week.


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