Fuller Figure Styles – at last

Living in South Africa you know that if you are a fuller figure you are going to struggle to find clothes in the shops. So you either have to get somebody to make you clothes (and that makes my hair stand up straight) or be happy with what the shops has to offer. And goodness, apparently when you are a fuller figure you have NO taste either! Here I will name and shame…. Dear Edgars, Donna Claire, Jet Stores and Milady – The fact that I have a bum the size of a small island in the Mediterranean does not mean that I would like to look like one of those hairy men that just stepped of a pleasure cruise onto the Hawaiian beach…. NO NO NO..  And taking a sheet of floral material and cutting a hole for  my head and arms does not count as fashion either…

But don’t give up hope ladies! It seems like there is a movement in the fashion industry. Be it ever so slowly. In 2013 the first ever plus size runway was introduced at New York Fashion Week. VICTORY! So let’s hope that those designers will work their way onto African soil. I’m attaching some of the styles that could be seen on the runway. I’m in love with them! And I might even have to grind my teeth and let somebody make me something similar!


1D274906801314-today-plus-size-140918-04_blocks_desktop_medium 1D274906801315-today-plus-size-140918-01_blocks_desktop_medium 1D274906803730-today-plus-size-140918-06_blocks_desktop_medium 1D274906803731-today-plus-size-140918-05_blocks_desktop_medium


Ummm, no, sorry I won’t photoshop you thinner….

I’m getting a lot of dirty looks when I answer NO when somebody asks me to photoshop them thinner. No, I’m sorry I won’t do it. If I loose clients because of this, I have to deal with that. But this obsession with looking thinner and more beautiful is becoming out of hand. Ladies, let me tell you this now, once and for all. You are PERFECT the way you are. I don’t need to take away your double chin. I don’t need to take away that muffin top. Embrace YOU…. When I do a consultation my customers look at me like a goat at a new gate when I tell them I want them to go and stand in the mirror and tell themselves that they are beautiful. (And yes my husband might chirp in here and tell me to practice what I preach). I know I also look at myself and think I need to loose that 30kgs, I need to look a certain way to fit in. And I fail at believing I’m perfect just the way I am, daily.

But what message are we sending our children. I’ve found my 15 month old daughter standing in front of the mirror looking at her tummy (Okay I have an excuse here, I am pregnant!). But more disturbing is the fact that EVERY morning she comes into my room and jumps on the scale. I know she has no idea what the scale means, but the fact that she does it every morning because she sees mommy doing it, is crazy! What message am I sending my daughter if that’s the first thing she does in the morning?

I’ve done a lot of photoshoots in my career, and I’ve never had to use photoshop on a woman to make her look beautiful. I think it’s time we all step back a few steps, take a deep breath and get over what other people might think and maybe, just maybe, get over ourselves a little as well.


What to tell your photographer before the day of the shoot

So you have decided it’s time for a photoshoot. You are super excited and you are expecting something magical. You have visions of you running on the beach with your hair in the wind. You have found a photographer and booked for your photoshoot.

That’s it, right. Nope. You need to tell her / him what your vision is. Do you want it to be romantic, edgy, vintage. Speak to your photographer before the time. Esp if she / he might need to get props for what you have in mind. And don’t be afraid / shy to say what you want. If you saw a picture of something you like, send it to them. Just keep in mind that it might not work for you exactly it did for a super model. But if you have something in mind, practice in front of a mirror until you like what you see.

The most important is to have the confidence to go through with it. If you saw this beautiful woman walking out of the water, then try it! Say to the photographer what you would like to try and they will be able to discuss it with you and give you advice on how to make your vision a reality.

And be silly! Why not! Enjoy your shoot and make the most of it.


Welcome 2015

What a year 2014 has been! Personally it was a year with lots of ups and downs, but as Tipanga Photography, it’s been a year of UPs and more UPS! I’m so thankful to every client that has made it such an amazing year. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

I’m looking forward to a lot of new projects and lots of new, creative shoots! May your year be filled with peace, love, joy and happiness – and lots of photos!


Lots of love,



How to wear a corsage

How to wear and attach a Corsage

 A corsage is a collection of flowers worn most commonly by the bride’s mother and groom’s mother on a wedding day. 

A corsage can be worn on a bag, wrist, hat or most frequently on the lapel. 

The corsage should be worn on the left as should female buttonholes, female buttonholes are worn facing down, corsages are similar to a buttonhole, but with a bow added. It should be pinned with the flowers up as if they were in a vase. A good rule of thumb is to place the top of the corsage over the collarbone, with the flowers at a slight angle away from the face. The pin does not go through the stem, but goes over the stem tightly at an angle. To accomplish this, first push the pin through the fabric near the bottom of the stem and weave it back out again. Then the pin crosses over the stem at an angle (not straight across) and pinned through the fabric and woven back out again, ending up hidden underneath the corsage. The pin and stem should look more like an X and not a +. If the pin is not tight across the stem, then try again. You will end up with two pin holes on either side of the stem. For a large corsage two pins will be needed, crossing over each other making an X.



How to pin on and wear a corsage:-


1. With one hand behind the corsage and the other holding the stem of the corsage, flowers facing away from the wearer and toward you, place the corsage at a slight angle on the dress or lapel. This is an average of about 4 inches in from the tip of the left shoulder.

2. Make sure that the corsage is evenly placed on the lapel before attempting to pin it.

3. Use a Corsage Pin to pin into the fabric at the bottom left corner of the stem.

4. Weave the pin back out from under the fabric. Push it through about 1 inch, laying it at an angle over the top of the corsage stem.

5. Stick the tip of the pin back into the fabric on the other side of the stem. Insure that the stem is tightly in place with the length of the pin pushing it down.

6. Weave the pin back out of the fabric once more. Be sure that the very tip of the pin does not stick out, nor does it poke under the fabric and touch the skin.


7. Repeat this process with the Corsage pin at the top left corner of the stem, just under the heads of the flowers. Two Corsage pins will help to support the weight of heavy flowers on delicate attire.

Information from: http://www.alexandersflowers.co.uk/7.html

Book a training shoot

So you want to be a model but you have no idea where to start? I have been getting the same questions over and over and so I have decided to offer some training shoots for prospective models. This will include a photoshoot where I will help you find your best angles, the best pose for your body type, teach you what the difference is between a finishing school and a modelling agency. Give you suggestions where to go to further your modelling career, set up a modelling page for you.

Contact me for a booking and a tailor-made package for you:

tipangastyle@gmail.com or phone / whatsapp: 0814715425




What jean style should I wear?

I get asked this question a lot of times and I discovered this quiz online. It’s a quick way of finding out what would suit you best. But remember it’s only a recommendation. We are all built differently and the best way to really find out what will suit you best is to fit, fit and fit some more. Take the shoes that you mostly wear with your jeans with and also make sure that you have some decent underwear on. It really does make a difference.

And just my opinion – although there is size 24 (50) skinny jeans, it does not mean you have to wear them. No size 24 woman is skinny. And I’m a big girl, so trust me when I say it… But that’s just my opinion. If you feel you have it to pull it off, flaunt it 🙂

Follow the link to take the quiz – SheKnows.com

pants (Unknown Photosource)

How to look great on your wedding photos

Every bride wants to look her best on her wedding. It’s YOUR day. You need to love you photos and they will stay with you forever. I’ve put together a few tips to help you look amazing on your special day:


1. Meet with your photographer before the time. Get to know her / him. Being comfortable with your photographer is so important. Also chat with your photographer before the time about what you want. If both know what is expected, the day will go just perfect.


2. Practice your pose. Although you don’t want to look staged and artificial, you do have a picture in your mind what you want to do. Practice and see if what you have in your mind, actually looks the same in the mirror.


3. Enjoy yourself. Just enjoying your day and forgetting about the camera will show. You will get tired to smile the whole time if the smile is forced. Forget about what your guests are going at the reception and just be in the moment with your groom. Remember the day is about you and your love. The guests are there to celebrate with you.


4. Make sure you are happy with your make up. When you go for your make up trial, take photos. Ask a friend to take a photo that you can see what you will look like on the day. Remember the trial is there for you to make sure you are happy. If you aren’t happy, say so… and let them work on it until you are happy.


5. Practice different smiles. Smile with your eyes. Use them all. And remember that laughing always makes you look amazing. Nothing like a good laugh to not only relief stress, but also to make a perfect picture.





Winter Skin

Winter is known for causing Winter skin. This includes cracking, eczema, dandruff and flaking of skin.


Some tips to help you prevent Winter skin:


* Use sunscreen. Even if it’s Winter, you skin still needs protection.

* Use a humidifier. They are great to bring some moister into the air and will be absorbed by your skin and hair.

* Use an oil based moisturizer. It will seal your skin to prevent moister lost.

* Use creams with Chamomile or Aloe Vera or Lavender. Use the ones with natural oil as they are always best.


I trick that seems to be working for me as well is that when I shower, after washing but still in the shower I put some baby oil on. Then down RUB dry, just lighting dry your skin. My skin really feels the difference since I started using it this way.

If you have bad eczema, use natural aqueous cream. Don’t use the fragranced ones as this just irritates the skin more.

Winter Fashion – Scarf Trends

With the Winter here and we are all hiding away under blankets and hoodies we have to find a way to be able to still have a social life. So I put together a few ideas that is trendy at the moment what you can do with scarves. So wrap yourself warm in your scarf and face the cold – head on.


img-thing (Photo – polyvore.com)

The Bug Trend

It’s hot. It’s fun. And it’s buzzing. The latest trends in clothing prints are bugs. Butterflies, dragonflies, bees, praying mantes even cockroaches (chills). If you don’t like the idea of a dress covered in bugs, this is a good option. Bring some fun to your outfit with these creepy crawlies.

Topman Snood Scarf(photo http://www.younggentsguide.com)

The Snood

The Snood stayed from last year’s trend and I can understand why. It’s bulky, warm and stylish. So get yourself a warm cosy snood..

snood(photo – howtolookgood.com)

The Hooded Snood

What’s better than a snood? Well, a hooded snood of course! I personally need to go find myself one this instant. They are warm and just what you need in the icy windy we are experiencing today.

IMG_2226(Photo –clevercheshirecats.blogspot.com)

Some personal flair

I believe in being an individual, so take some of last year’s old scarves and pretty them up. Ad buttons, butterflies, bugs (as that would be really THE thing to do), flowers – anything you feel like.

medium_3_b2e163f6-01ce-4c91-8d4e-df6c0ee07aa5(Photo – fashionfinder.asos.com)

Mid-weight Scarf

For those who don’t need to have something bulky and just want to feel something warm around your neck, this is the scarf for you. It’s not as heavy as the bulky scarves and you can use them even when the days grow warmer (yes that’s not happening in a while).

dire19-l-610x610-scarf-tribal-print-aztec-scarf(Photo – wheretogetit.it)

Tribal Scarf

Go bold! Tribal prints are always in fashion and now with fashion’s new darling Lupita Nyong’o strutting down the red carpet in tribal prints, it has become even more popular.



There you have it. Use your old scarves, go buy new ones, make some – most importantly, be you..