Going ‘exclusive’

It’s been a long time coming and I’ve been fighting with the decision for a while now. But this is where my heart is and I am a strong follower of my heart. From now on Tipanga Photography will no longer have a ‘studio’. I HATE studio shoots. I’ve never enjoyed them and they are killing my creativity. So from now on I will be focusing on more styles / lifestyle shoots. These shoots will be at locations throughout Port Elizabeth and be very specific to every shoot.

I have corporate clients and they do keep me busy so when I do the family / model shoots I am giving myself the freedom to do it the way I want to. I will still be doing budget photography in parks / beach etc. But the lifestyle photography will be much more exclusive and tailored. These shoots will cost more as they will be styled to every customer’s individual needs and props will be used specially for that specific customer. My focus will be more on boudoir photography as well as I feel that boudoir photography is such a special gift. There is nothing more satisfying that to show a woman how beautiful she really is – no matter what age / size she is. A lot of women has said to me that it was better than any therapy.


I am excited about this new phase and I trust that my clients have also grown with me and that these new options will be exciting for them as well. Welcome to the new adventure on our journey together.


To celebrate the start of this new phase you can win a styled lifestyle shoot. Simply email a photo of yourself to tipangastyle@gmail.com A winner will be drawn at the end of the week.


IMG_3232 IMG_3299 IMG_2267 Bernie and Leonard 441_pp IMG_6317

Choosing a wedding photographer

So you have to choose a wedding photographer. It’s a VERY important decision as this is YOUR day. And you want to capture it as you remember it. You want to look at the photos and remember how beautiful you felt, remember that moment the ring was placed on your finger, the first kiss, those butterflies before the time getting dressed.

Because this is so important, you have to make sure you find the right photographer that suits YOU. You have to be comfortable with the person firstly. But also see their work before the time and decide that THIS is the type of photography I like. There can be 20 photographers at the same wedding and not one of their photos would look the same. Photography is art. It’s a matter of the photographer’s personality coming through. How THEY see it. And thus you HAVE to make sure that your eye and the photographer’s eye is in line with each other.

I see photographers advertising really cheap weddings. It’s great for your budget, but have you seen their photos? Have they actually taken wedding photos before? Do they have a website / page / portfolio you can look through?

My best advice – do your homework. Decide what will be in your budget and then look at all the photographers in your budget range. Only then make a decision. There are so many options, so many photographers. So take your time, decide what you have in mind and then stick to it. Somebody that only have been doing couples photography up to this point might just not cut it. And I’m not saying that they aren’t good. But they need to be able to show you what they have done. We all started from the bottom. We all started being ‘the second shooter’ at a wedding and did a lot of ‘free’ shoots to get a portfolio…. It’s hard work getting your name out there. But we all have to pay our dues. Do the free shoots to get to a point that we are comfortable enough to start asking for payment.

And remember you are the client, you have the right to ask questions, see our work and then decide what suits you

This is a time of joy, choose somebody that will add to your joy 🙂

Looking good while pregnant

How tricky is this!?!?! I’m trying to look ‘normal’ seeing that I’m walking like a duck that swallowed a soccer ball. It’s such a difficult time in your life to look ‘pretty’ and to feel pretty. Yes yes, I hear about the glow I’m suppose to have and it’s a special time and WHATEVS! I feel like an elephant and I at least need to look good to make up for the hormones, sore back, sore breasts, sore knees, sore bladder, sore body and and and.  And please don’t get me started on hair – that’s for another day!

Now the next question – did you see the price of maternity wear??? The shops are aware that you are going to only wear it for a few months MAX (unless you just decide to let go and stay in them??)


So what is the options?

* Wear and buy normal clothes, just a few sizes bigger? It sure sounds like a better deal than paying R500 for a pair of pants you will only wear a month…

* Go second hand. My favorite option. I discovered a few Facebook groups that sells second hand clothes / baby items. They are all in great condition and for less than half the price you get to look good.

* Look for specials. I found three amazing pants at Mr Price for less than R100 each. They are soooo comfy and I’m pretty sure I’ll be wearing them a while after the birth still. And when I don’t need them anymore, I’m going to sell them 🙂

* Think to yourself – ah well I’m only pregnant once, this is special and go wild! There are a few amazing boutiques in Port Elizabeth and their clothes are amazing. And like me, you can always sell it later again


Most importantly – dress in a way that makes you feel and look good. 🙂


Sales, Sales Everywhere



Wow I thought it was just me having a bad month but walking around the shopping center today, I know that it’s everywhere! So if you are lucky enough to either have a great credit card or actually have ACTUAL money left over on the 16th of the month, here is just a FEW of the places that is having a sale.


* Queue

* Woolworths

* Home Etc (50% sale)

* Body Shop (50%)

* Typo

* Hip Shop (50%)

* Earthchild (25%)

* Pick n Pay Clothing (50%)

* Naartjie

* Aldo (70%)

* Slops & Crocs (75%)

* Galaxy (70%)

* Milady (50%)

* Markhams (50%)

* Earth Addict (40%)

* Mechanics of Dressing

* Queenspark (End of season sale)

* Truworths

* Eyebar (R500 off sunglasses)

* CNA (75%)

* Foschini

* America Swiss (40%)

* Cardies (50%)

* Edgars (50%)

* Clicks (50%)

* Toys R Us (Massive markdown sale)

* Donna Claire (75%)

* Total Sports (50%)

* Due South

* Forever New (50%)

* Zara

* Boardmans (50%)

Okay go shopping – GO GO GO GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Changes and more

As most of you know I am 7 months pregnant and it has been, well, a bit of a difficult pregnancy up to here. I have been working a bit less, esp cutting down on weddings. I still have 2 weddings coming up the next 2 months and I’m a bit nervous, but I do have second shooters on stand by.


Because I had to work a little less on the photoshoots I have started doing party supplies, invites etc plus tutu dresses and outfits as part of my business. I have given it another name just to keep the 2 apart. It gives me a little more freedom for when baby arrives.


You are welcome to check out my Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/flowerpowerparties


I am planning more products within the next few weeks. I’m really excited about it, so watch this space!


Cara Tutu IMG_8643 IMG_9523

Newsletter / Magazine?

I’m considering putting out an online newsletter / magazine every two weeks. So many people ask my about make up, beauty, weight loss, what’s the pest pose for photography, wedding advice etc that I’m considering doing it if there is enough response.


If you would like to receive a free newsletter / magazine every two weeks with tips, feel free to email tipanga@aol.com with just the words – Newsletter.



Money too tight to mention

This seems to be the theme this Mother’s Day. People seem to be really strapped for cash and I’ve been getting a lot of people asking for smaller packages to give as vouchers. So we worked out two amazing packages:


We do have limited vouchers so first come first serve! R120 for a 20 min photoshoot. You receive 20 edited photos on disk.




R22o for 30 min photoshoot. 25 edited photos on disk plus a coffee mug with your photo printed on it.

For bookings Tel. 0814715425 or email tipangastyle@gmaiDSC_0424l.com







Fuller Figure Styles – at last

Living in South Africa you know that if you are a fuller figure you are going to struggle to find clothes in the shops. So you either have to get somebody to make you clothes (and that makes my hair stand up straight) or be happy with what the shops has to offer. And goodness, apparently when you are a fuller figure you have NO taste either! Here I will name and shame…. Dear Edgars, Donna Claire, Jet Stores and Milady – The fact that I have a bum the size of a small island in the Mediterranean does not mean that I would like to look like one of those hairy men that just stepped of a pleasure cruise onto the Hawaiian beach…. NO NO NO..  And taking a sheet of floral material and cutting a hole for  my head and arms does not count as fashion either…

But don’t give up hope ladies! It seems like there is a movement in the fashion industry. Be it ever so slowly. In 2013 the first ever plus size runway was introduced at New York Fashion Week. VICTORY! So let’s hope that those designers will work their way onto African soil. I’m attaching some of the styles that could be seen on the runway. I’m in love with them! And I might even have to grind my teeth and let somebody make me something similar!


1D274906801314-today-plus-size-140918-04_blocks_desktop_medium 1D274906801315-today-plus-size-140918-01_blocks_desktop_medium 1D274906803730-today-plus-size-140918-06_blocks_desktop_medium 1D274906803731-today-plus-size-140918-05_blocks_desktop_medium