It’s cold out there

I always do a what’s “in” this season, but for some reason this Winter there seams to be nothing really ‘in’ or ‘new’. If you look at the people on street, it seems like leggings, longs tops and coats are still pretty much the thing everybody has on. Snoods are big, but they were last year already. But let’s look at wearing a snood (infinity scarves) for now…



The stars all seems to enjoy their snoods as well..

How can you say no, when Blake wears it? This woman can do no fashion wrong


Pic thanks to Daily Mail UK

I personally loves scarves and the snood just really brings it to the next level. I have a trick – buy some of those cheap hairclips from your local shop and clip it into your snood. You will look like a million buck and nobody will know you paid something like R20 for a hair clip


These works perfectly

261037848982_6 Best-Fancy-Hair-Pins8

And the best part of a snood – you can wear it whether you are a size 6 or a size 26. So go get those snoods, make it your own, personalize it and be creative with it. One great thing about nothing really standing out this Winter is that your personality will shine through. So don’t be afraid to make that statement. And if your man is brave enough (not all of our men are) get him one as well! I think it’s really sexy on a man


Winter Fashion – Scarf Trends

With the Winter here and we are all hiding away under blankets and hoodies we have to find a way to be able to still have a social life. So I put together a few ideas that is trendy at the moment what you can do with scarves. So wrap yourself warm in your scarf and face the cold – head on.


img-thing (Photo –

The Bug Trend

It’s hot. It’s fun. And it’s buzzing. The latest trends in clothing prints are bugs. Butterflies, dragonflies, bees, praying mantes even cockroaches (chills). If you don’t like the idea of a dress covered in bugs, this is a good option. Bring some fun to your outfit with these creepy crawlies.

Topman Snood Scarf(photo

The Snood

The Snood stayed from last year’s trend and I can understand why. It’s bulky, warm and stylish. So get yourself a warm cosy snood..

snood(photo –

The Hooded Snood

What’s better than a snood? Well, a hooded snood of course! I personally need to go find myself one this instant. They are warm and just what you need in the icy windy we are experiencing today.

IMG_2226(Photo –

Some personal flair

I believe in being an individual, so take some of last year’s old scarves and pretty them up. Ad buttons, butterflies, bugs (as that would be really THE thing to do), flowers – anything you feel like.

medium_3_b2e163f6-01ce-4c91-8d4e-df6c0ee07aa5(Photo –

Mid-weight Scarf

For those who don’t need to have something bulky and just want to feel something warm around your neck, this is the scarf for you. It’s not as heavy as the bulky scarves and you can use them even when the days grow warmer (yes that’s not happening in a while).

dire19-l-610x610-scarf-tribal-print-aztec-scarf(Photo –

Tribal Scarf

Go bold! Tribal prints are always in fashion and now with fashion’s new darling Lupita Nyong’o strutting down the red carpet in tribal prints, it has become even more popular.



There you have it. Use your old scarves, go buy new ones, make some – most importantly, be you..



You want to be a model. You have big dreams of making it big not only in SA, but internationally. Well, it all starts with your skin.


I’m busy editing two shoots, both 20 and 21 years old. These girls wants to be models and should have a good change. That is if they start looking after their skin. Not only do they both have very bad achne, they have bags under their eyes and wrinkles! Yes I said a 20 year old has a lot of WRINKLES!!

Some tips to help you prevent wrinkles:

* Water water water!!! At least 2 liters a day. You need to be hydrated inside and out.
* A full skin routine every day. Exfoliate,  moisturize and tone.

* Remove make up before you go to bed.


* Sleep enough. Late night parties are out if you are serious about making it big!

In general live as natural as possible, take care of yourself and be healthy. Junk food is out as well.

For a personal session with me, contact me on




Eye Make Up Tips

  • For Wide Set Eyes
    If your eyes are wide set, you’ll be able to look at photos of many celebrities and models to get inspiration for eye makeup. However, to get a basic flattering look, apply a deep shadow shade from the inner corner of your eye lid to the middle of the lid. After doing this, apply a lighter shade from the middle of the lid to the outer corner. Be sure to blend, so it becomes very hard to tell where one shade meets the other. If your eyes are small, but still wide set, you can create a movie star look by using silver eye shadow from the inner corner to the edge of the lid. Then, use dark eyeliner on the top and bottom lashes, creating an almost cat-like look. 
  • For Narrow Set Eyes
    Those with narrow set eyes almost always want their eyes to appear a bit wider than they are. You can accomplish this goal by using a pale eye shadow shade from the inner corner of the eye lid to the middle of the lid. Choose a tint that will accentuate and complement your eye color, as well. Then, apply a deeper shade of eye color from the middle of the lid to the outer corner. You can also highlight the eyelid crease with the darker color and add black mascara, for a dramatic and prominent nighttime look. 
  • For Deep Set Eyes
    Those with deep set eyes or those with hooded eyes of normal width, often find it a bit aggravating to try to enjoy eye shadow. However, you can make your eyes look less deep set with a little eye color, regardless what size they are. Simply use pale and shimmery shades to help enhance your eyes. You can use the same shade from the inner corner of your eye to the just beyond the outer corner. 
  • For Heavy Lidded Eyes
    The first thing you should do when you have heavy lids or eyelids that bulge is to make sure your eyebrows are groomed well at all times. Then, apply a light shimmery eye shadow from the lash line to the crease. The sparkle of the shimmer will give your eyes an instant lift. Then you can use a shadow in a medium tint to create a “v” shape on your lid, from the outside in. This will automatically make your eyelids look elongated. 
  • For Asian Eyes
    Those with oval or slant eyes are often of Asian descent. While their eye shapes are absolutely stunning, they are often left wondering how to use eye shadow to highlight their top lids. To do this effectively, those with Asian or non-rounded eyes should create a thick, smoky line on their top lashes and a thinner line under the bottom lashes. The thicker top line should be so thick, it can be seen when the eye is open.

Source: freebeautytips


10 Tips for dry Winter skin

I’m sure most of us have problems with itchy dry skin, especially in the Winter. I catch myself constantly scratching my back and legs because it’s so dry. So I’ve put together a few tips to help us all through the cold Winter nights.


1. Use a cream moisturizer rather than a gel one. The creamier the better. And don’t worry about ‘name brands’, go for whatever works for you. I myself even use Vaseline since I have ‘winter hands’. Johnson’s 24 hour moisturizer is also a very good product to use on your body.


2. Try and not bath in TOO hot water. I know, I almost burn myself in Winter. The warmer the better. But also the warmer, the more it will dry out your skin. If you like me, just can’t help it, you HAVE to have your HOT bath, try using a bath oil rather than foam bath. A lot of people don’t like bathing in the bath oil, so if that’s not your thing, I have a solution for that as well. When you’re done with your bath or shower, while wet, rub baby oil over your body. You won’t believe the difference it makes!


3. Heaters and air-conditioners is killers when it comes to drying out your skin. Try to minimize the time you spend with the heater. If you do have be in the room with the heater, get a humidifier for the room. If you are on a tight budget, just simply put a bowl of water in front of the heater.

4. Talking of heaters, if the idea of cold cream on your body gives you chills, put the bottle of cream in front of the heater when you get into the bath. By the time you get out, the cream will be warm. Just be careful to not put it so close that the plastic of the bottle will melt.


5. Put on moisturizer and cream during the day. I have a small tub of Vaseline in my handbag. I even put it on my lips as normal lip creams just don’t do it for me.

6. On the topic of lips, don’t forget to drink your eight glasses of water during the day if you suffer from dry lips. The cold weather, heaters, moist air and your body’s need for water will surely dry out your lips and cause your lips to chap.If you don’t like the idea of Vaseline on your lips, get a chapstick with tea tree oil in it.

7. For your feet and hands, especially if you suffer from ‘Winter hands’ like me, the best is to before going to bed, rub Vaseline / Aquescream / tea tree oil on your hands and feet. Put on socks and cloves. Your hands and feet will love you for it!

8. Try a face mask. You get different types, so rather go for a moisturizing one than a cleansing one.

9. Don’t sleep on an electric blanket. Rather use a water bottle / hot pad etc. The heat of the electric blanket will dry your skin even more

10. Read and check the ingredients in your creams and moisturizers. If if contains alcohol it will dry your skin even more.

Dramatic Eye Make up

Have a special occasion coming up and want to look like a million dollars?

Dramatic eye makeup can enhance your look for a variety of occasions and is fun to play with.

Remember it’s typically best to reserve an attention-getting eye look for evenings; but for formal events such as weddings it’s best to stick to a more classic look. Using heavier eyeliner, darker eye shadow, and an extra coat or two of mascara can help create a bold and fun look that keeps all eyes on YOU !

If you don’t feel comfortable with trying it yourself, give me a call and make a booking. I will not only do your make up, but also show you how to do it next time you need to glam up your make up for a function..





Cleaning Make up Brushes

Cleaning your brushes is essential as they build up germs.

Once a week wash them in shampoo and condition them. While still wet, set the bristles and make sure it dries properly. I usually let them stand in a glass.

If you want to sterilize them, use pure alcohol. Just dip it in the alcohol and allow to dry.

Different types of Eyeliner

There is 3 different ways to apply eyeliner. Use either:

* Eyeliner pencil (If you use a pencil, set the line with eyeshadow because penciled lines tend to melt and won’t stay on the whole day)

*  Liquid liner  (Be careful not to get the liner in the eye, as it will color the whole eye. If you do make the mistake, take a tissue and just blot it on the inside of the eyelid.)

* Eyeliner brush dipped into a deep shadow to line eyes.




Prevent sunburn skin from peeling

Redness, pain and peeling skin are unmistakable signs that you have spent too much time in the sun. Peeling after a sunburn is the body’s attempt to rid itself of sun-damaged cells and protect you from premature aging and skin cancer, according to the University of Heidelberg. Unfortunately, peeling skin is also itchy and unsightly. While peeling cannot always be avoided, you can reduce the likelihood that your skin will peel by taking proper care of it immediately after sun exposure.

Step 1
Take over-the-counter anti-inflammatory medication. Drugs such as Ibuprofen reduce sunburn pain and inflammation and decrease the risk of peeling. The Mayo Clinic states that anti-inflammatory drugs are most effective when taken very soon after sun exposure.

Step 2
Take a cold bath or shower to cool your skin down. Do not wash your sunburned skin with harsh soaps and avoid rubbing your skin dry after bathing, as these may increase the likelihood of peeling.

Step 3
Apply moisturizer to sunburned areas. Do this immediately after stepping out of the shower. Moisturizers that are specifically designed for use on sunburned skin are available in most drugstores. Most contain aloe vera to soothe the skin, reduce inflammation and help prevent peeling.

Step 4
Drink extra water to encourage skin healing and prevent peeling. The Mayo Clinic states that sun exposure can cause increased fluid loss and dehydration, which makes drinking a lot of water especially important in the few first days after getting burned.

Step 5
Do not scratch your skin. Burned skin is often itchy, but scratching it will only increase tissue damage and increase the risk of peeling. If you get the urge to scratch, apply some cool aloe directly to the itchy areas, or apply an ice cube wrapped in cloth to your skin. Both should offer temporary relief.

Step 6
Slather sunscreen on your skin. Using sunscreen should already be part of your normal routine, but it is especially important when you have a sunburn. Spending time outdoors without protecting your already damaged skin will increase the risk of peeling and worsen your burn.