Choosing a wedding photographer

So you have to choose a wedding photographer. It’s a VERY important decision as this is YOUR day. And you want to capture it as you remember it. You want to look at the photos and remember how beautiful you felt, remember that moment the ring was placed on your finger, the first kiss, those butterflies before the time getting dressed.

Because this is so important, you have to make sure you find the right photographer that suits YOU. You have to be comfortable with the person firstly. But also see their work before the time and decide that THIS is the type of photography I like. There can be 20 photographers at the same wedding and not one of their photos would look the same. Photography is art. It’s a matter of the photographer’s personality coming through. How THEY see it. And thus you HAVE to make sure that your eye and the photographer’s eye is in line with each other.

I see photographers advertising really cheap weddings. It’s great for your budget, but have you seen their photos? Have they actually taken wedding photos before? Do they have a website / page / portfolio you can look through?

My best advice – do your homework. Decide what will be in your budget and then look at all the photographers in your budget range. Only then make a decision. There are so many options, so many photographers. So take your time, decide what you have in mind and then stick to it. Somebody that only have been doing couples photography up to this point might just not cut it. And I’m not saying that they aren’t good. But they need to be able to show you what they have done. We all started from the bottom. We all started being ‘the second shooter’ at a wedding and did a lot of ‘free’ shoots to get a portfolio…. It’s hard work getting your name out there. But we all have to pay our dues. Do the free shoots to get to a point that we are comfortable enough to start asking for payment.

And remember you are the client, you have the right to ask questions, see our work and then decide what suits you

This is a time of joy, choose somebody that will add to your joy 🙂