It’s cold out there

I always do a what’s “in” this season, but for some reason this Winter there seams to be nothing really ‘in’ or ‘new’. If you look at the people on street, it seems like leggings, longs tops and coats are still pretty much the thing everybody has on. Snoods are big, but they were last year already. But let’s look at wearing a snood (infinity scarves) for now…



The stars all seems to enjoy their snoods as well..

How can you say no, when Blake wears it? This woman can do no fashion wrong


Pic thanks to Daily Mail UK

I personally loves scarves and the snood just really brings it to the next level. I have a trick – buy some of those cheap hairclips from your local shop and clip it into your snood. You will look like a million buck and nobody will know you paid something like R20 for a hair clip


These works perfectly

261037848982_6 Best-Fancy-Hair-Pins8

And the best part of a snood – you can wear it whether you are a size 6 or a size 26. So go get those snoods, make it your own, personalize it and be creative with it. One great thing about nothing really standing out this Winter is that your personality will shine through. So don’t be afraid to make that statement. And if your man is brave enough (not all of our men are) get him one as well! I think it’s really sexy on a man



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