Fuller Figure Styles – at last

Living in South Africa you know that if you are a fuller figure you are going to struggle to find clothes in the shops. So you either have to get somebody to make you clothes (and that makes my hair stand up straight) or be happy with what the shops has to offer. And goodness, apparently when you are a fuller figure you have NO taste either! Here I will name and shame…. Dear Edgars, Donna Claire, Jet Stores and Milady – The fact that I have a bum the size of a small island in the Mediterranean does not mean that I would like to look like one of those hairy men that just stepped of a pleasure cruise onto the Hawaiian beach…. NO NO NO..  And taking a sheet of floral material and cutting a hole for  my head and arms does not count as fashion either…

But don’t give up hope ladies! It seems like there is a movement in the fashion industry. Be it ever so slowly. In 2013 the first ever plus size runway was introduced at New York Fashion Week. VICTORY! So let’s hope that those designers will work their way onto African soil. I’m attaching some of the styles that could be seen on the runway. I’m in love with them! And I might even have to grind my teeth and let somebody make me something similar!


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Ummm, no, sorry I won’t photoshop you thinner….

I’m getting a lot of dirty looks when I answer NO when somebody asks me to photoshop them thinner. No, I’m sorry I won’t do it. If I loose clients because of this, I have to deal with that. But this obsession with looking thinner and more beautiful is becoming out of hand. Ladies, let me tell you this now, once and for all. You are PERFECT the way you are. I don’t need to take away your double chin. I don’t need to take away that muffin top. Embrace YOU…. When I do a consultation my customers look at me like a goat at a new gate when I tell them I want them to go and stand in the mirror and tell themselves that they are beautiful. (And yes my husband might chirp in here and tell me to practice what I preach). I know I also look at myself and think I need to loose that 30kgs, I need to look a certain way to fit in. And I fail at believing I’m perfect just the way I am, daily.

But what message are we sending our children. I’ve found my 15 month old daughter standing in front of the mirror looking at her tummy (Okay I have an excuse here, I am pregnant!). But more disturbing is the fact that EVERY morning she comes into my room and jumps on the scale. I know she has no idea what the scale means, but the fact that she does it every morning because she sees mommy doing it, is crazy! What message am I sending my daughter if that’s the first thing she does in the morning?

I’ve done a lot of photoshoots in my career, and I’ve never had to use photoshop on a woman to make her look beautiful. I think it’s time we all step back a few steps, take a deep breath and get over what other people might think and maybe, just maybe, get over ourselves a little as well.