What jean style should I wear?

I get asked this question a lot of times and I discovered this quiz online. It’s a quick way of finding out what would suit you best. But remember it’s only a recommendation. We are all built differently and the best way to really find out what will suit you best is to fit, fit and fit some more. Take the shoes that you mostly wear with your jeans with and also make sure that you have some decent underwear on. It really does make a difference.

And just my opinion – although there is size 24 (50) skinny jeans, it does not mean you have to wear them. No size 24 woman is skinny. And I’m a big girl, so trust me when I say it… But that’s just my opinion. If you feel you have it to pull it off, flaunt it 🙂

Follow the link to take the quiz – SheKnows.com

pants (Unknown Photosource)


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