How to look great on your wedding photos

Every bride wants to look her best on her wedding. It’s YOUR day. You need to love you photos and they will stay with you forever. I’ve put together a few tips to help you look amazing on your special day:


1. Meet with your photographer before the time. Get to know her / him. Being comfortable with your photographer is so important. Also chat with your photographer before the time about what you want. If both know what is expected, the day will go just perfect.


2. Practice your pose. Although you don’t want to look staged and artificial, you do have a picture in your mind what you want to do. Practice and see if what you have in your mind, actually looks the same in the mirror.


3. Enjoy yourself. Just enjoying your day and forgetting about the camera will show. You will get tired to smile the whole time if the smile is forced. Forget about what your guests are going at the reception and just be in the moment with your groom. Remember the day is about you and your love. The guests are there to celebrate with you.


4. Make sure you are happy with your make up. When you go for your make up trial, take photos. Ask a friend to take a photo that you can see what you will look like on the day. Remember the trial is there for you to make sure you are happy. If you aren’t happy, say so… and let them work on it until you are happy.


5. Practice different smiles. Smile with your eyes. Use them all. And remember that laughing always makes you look amazing. Nothing like a good laugh to not only relief stress, but also to make a perfect picture.






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