Winter Skin

Winter is known for causing Winter skin. This includes cracking, eczema, dandruff and flaking of skin.


Some tips to help you prevent Winter skin:


* Use sunscreen. Even if it’s Winter, you skin still needs protection.

* Use a humidifier. They are great to bring some moister into the air and will be absorbed by your skin and hair.

* Use an oil based moisturizer. It will seal your skin to prevent moister lost.

* Use creams with Chamomile or Aloe Vera or Lavender. Use the ones with natural oil as they are always best.


I trick that seems to be working for me as well is that when I shower, after washing but still in the shower I put some baby oil on. Then down RUB dry, just lighting dry your skin. My skin really feels the difference since I started using it this way.

If you have bad eczema, use natural aqueous cream. Don’t use the fragranced ones as this just irritates the skin more.


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