Child Models

So we all think our kiddies are the best and cutest and so many clients are asking me about modelling options for their little ones. Questions like where do we start?  What will we need and what opportunities are there for children in Port Elizabeth?


Where do you start?

The first step is to find a modelling agency. You will need somebody that can guide you through the process and find bookings and also teach your little one the finer details of modelling.


What do you need?

You need a portfolio. A portfolio for kiddies are less comprehensive than those of the older models but you will still need to have a portfolio set up for your little one. We have options starting at R250.


Opportunities in Port Elizabeth

Yes it’s true, there are less opportunities in Port Elizabeth than in bigger places like Cape Town, but we still have a lot of local businesses looking for models.


For info feel free to contact us, we will help where we can with advice, setting up your portfolio and guidance. We have lots of services available so email us on or inbox us on face.




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