Shoes shoes shoes

It’s Summer time and time for us to start searching for outfits. I’ll be covering clothing next time, but we all know (okay maybe just the divas) that you can have the most amazing outfit, but it just won’t mean a thing without the perfect pair of shoes.

And I must say, this season we are in for some AMAZING shoes! Wedges are back – big time. And so are colorful, bright and bold shoes.

I went in search for some of the most fabulous shoes in Port Elizabeth and found that Rage has some shoes to DIE FOR! If I were Carrie Bradshaw, I would MARRY one of these pairs!

These shoes are just simply out of this world

The choices are endless at Rage, some of the others that caught my eye

For those who aren’t comfortable with such high shoes – check these out

Some budget alternatives from Ackermans: